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In/Out Rack Dry-dock


Our Year round heated 240'L x 100'W x 35'H three tiered stack storage building offers an unbelievable boating experience and value.

No longer is a 3/4ton truck, a garage, or driveway required to own a recreational boat.

Our In/Out Dry-dock is a complete turn key-year round user friendly experience.

Call on demand when you want to go boating. Call to be placed on our schedule for the time you are planning to be out by(more notice is preferred) your vessel will be moored and awaiting you and company.

When it comes time to remove the Vessel (unless you specify other wise) we will remove it from the water at the beginning of the next week if launched on the weekend.

The Vessel will be removed from the water the next day (unless you specify other wise) if launched during the week. (time and weather permitting)

We offer many more dedicated temporary mooring slips than any other in SW Michigan.

Our rates include heated inside storage, so a big cost savings for boat storage/shrink wrap and winterization as none of these are required.

In some cases our year round pricing beats that of other winter storage only fees.

Check it out!

Not surprisingly, we are starting to see a waiting list but please call and check as turn overs do occur at times.

See our rates below!

In/Out Rack Dry-dock Service Fees:

20ft. and under.........1,600.00

20.5ft - 22.5ft...........1,700.00

23ft - 25ft.................1,800.00

25.5ft - 26.5ft...........1,900.00

(Rates are subject to change)

The In/Out Rack service:


  • When launching your vessel
  • We remove your Vessel from our In/Out Rack System using our large Hyster Marine forklift
  • Take it down to our Hyster launch
  • Check your bilge plug and set your Vessel in the water.
  • Start your Vessel and take it around to a Rack In/Out slip and tie it off.

We recommend a minimum of 3-lines but we prefer 4-lines for best tie off mooring protection for your Vessel.

When it comes to us accessing your Vessel to remove it from the water and when launching it, We must have unobstructed access from either side of the back of the Vessel to the helm.

Any inflatable etc... must be moved or removed for proper accessibility as outlined above. This allows timely and safe movement and operation of your Vessel.

  • When removing your Vessel from the water
  • We start it and un-tie the lines keeping them on the Vessel
  • Bring it around and back it in to the Hyster launch
  • Lift it and remove the bilge plug to drain the bilge of excess water
  • Brush the hull waterline down (if there is no bottom paint, other wise just waterline) with a cleaner and rinse it off.
  • Then we precede to place it back in our In/Out Rack System.


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